27 May 2005


Acording to today's NY Times (reg required), "Fewer Americans are reading books than a decade ago, according to the National Endowment for the Arts, but almost a third more are listening to them on tapes, CD's and iPods." And HarperCollins forecasts 40% growth in their digital audiobook sales next year ( This suggests to me that whitepapers-on-iPod or technical-user-guide-on-iPod (see my 5/17/05 post) might just have a market.

... To that earlier post, one reader's comment: "It seems there is a lack of engagement opportunity within the pod environment, something that is critical in most if not all B2B marketing initiatives today...." Perhaps podcasts don't allow 2-way engagement. But if, in fact, a prospective customer tunes in to a 30-minute vendor podcast, that listener is certainly "engaging" with the vendor's brand.

... Podcasting threatens Audible's business (Forbes). Audible CEO Don Katz disagrees ('s blog).

... Earlier this month at the Syndicate conference, Michael Dunn told Rok Hrastnik that paid subscription models will pay the podcast bills (Dunn interview).


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