17 July 2005

Blogging & Good Grammar

Today's Washington Post on the spread of citizens' journalism.  One 18-year-old practitioner -- aloof, I'm guessing, to the sneer on the face of The Post's journalist -- summed it up this way: "The most interesting thing is diversity of voices because everyone gets a chance to say what they believe in. You don't have to be hired. You can just write. And it'll get published -- as long as it's grammatically correct" (Washington Post).  The article spends much of its time with the team at YourMomOnline, helping The Post's readers get a sense of the quality (ha ha!) out there in the blogosphere with body image coverage such as "an opinion piece by some guys about how fat girls are unattractive."  But The Post wasn't completely dismissive.  After all, they point out, "Bloggers at the 2004 U.S. presidential nominating conventions helped provide different perspectives on the campaigns."  Aren't those bloggers cute!


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