22 July 2005

Japan's Criminalization of Ad Skipping

CNET's John Borland reports that Japan has declared it illegal to use PVRs to skip TV ads ( You have got to be kidding. What's next--jail time for people who turn the page before reading the pitch on a print ad? Fines for viewers who don't order Ginsu knives (Ginsu Guys) off the late-night TV spots?

An alternative idea might be: Make better commercials and put them in front of an audience that might be receptive. If broadcast TV doesn't allow for the kind of targeting that makes that possible, move the dollars to cable TV and the Internet.


  • Well, Japan's one market Tivo's not going to try and break into.

    Maybe if we took the same stand here in the US, we can finally justify the Neilson numbers that get produced based on 3,000 households that drive the cost of advertising.

    Who actually has one of those Neilson boxes on their TV? On that note, with the exception of Online advertising where metrics are more accountable, who's to say whether a multi-million dollar ad campaign was really "successful"?

    With the new law in Japan, at least their media companies can now guarantee viewership.

    Hmmm...deep thoughts by Elton...

    By Blogger Mostskillz, at 5:23 PM  

  • Amen to that!

    Thats exactly what we are all about at Dynadco. Relevant advertising to the right eyeballs.

    By Blogger Jesse Chenard, at 6:21 PM  

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