16 August 2005

Feedster's Own Influence Index

Feedster announced the debut of their Top 500 list (Feedster 500) to compete with Technorati's Top 100. The concept is the same--both are lists of the most influential blogs based on in-bound links from other sites. But the methodology and results are different. Technorati has BoingBoing at #1 (15,770), while Feedster puts them at #3 (36,229). Feedster's #1 is Engadget (54,380); Technorati puts Engadget at #6 (8817). Other discrepancies are more troubling. Metafilter, at #17 on Technorati's list, doesn't show up at all in Feedster's 500. Om Malik's GigaOm and Waxy Links, numbers 52 and 60, respectively, on Feedster's list, don't make Technorati's top 100.... ClickZ's Search Engine Watch dives into the controversy (SEW).

Aug 18 update: Feedster apologizes for missing some blogs that should be in the top 500. It would be nice to learn what about the methodology led to the omissions. Are there others, like, say, Metafilter?

"No list is perfect and, unfortunately, we managed to not list several prominent blogs that should have been in the August Feedster Top 500. And our guess is that they will be in the September Feedster Top 500. But for right now here they are along with their approximate ranking:

* Top 20 -- Stephen's Web by Stephen Downes
* Top 50 -- Jason Kottke
* Top 75 -- Search Engine Watch
* Top 75 -- We Make Money Not Art"


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