29 August 2005

Media Measurement Is Bad Everywhere

Joe Mandese in MediaPost reports on a new study by the Advertising Research Foundation that finds "none of the major media have audience measurement methods that are adequate for the way people use those media today."

Phew, we're not alone! In fact, the respondents voiced greater dissatisfaction with measurement tools for traditional media. "TV audience ratings, the subject of a number of controversies including a Congressional investigation, possible legislation and legal suits, is especially poor." Nielsen's TV ratings came under fire for, among other shortcomings, tracking only viewership for the programs, not the ads themselves. Radio's measurement standards (namely the paper-diary system) were called "relics of the past."

ARF's report lessens the frustration (if only a bit) I was feeling earlier this month as I compared NNR's and comScore's studies of blog traffic. One of the sites FM works with, BoingBoing, registered 849k unique visitors according to comScore but only 605k based on NNR's count. BoingBoing's server logs peg the monthly unique-visitor count above 1.6MM.


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