28 September 2005

Fake Blogs Are Hard to Pull Off

With 18.5 million blogs out there fighting to attract the attention of the 50 million people who read them (or have *ever* read one), it's a competitive playing field to say the least. All 18.5 million of these blogs -- not just the other few thousand marketers who run TV campaigns or glossy print ads in national magazines -- are the competition faced by brands who launch blogs-as-marketing-campaigns. Given that the odds are vastly against marketers mining for viral-marketing gold in the blogosphere, I'd expect they would work harder to make these ad-blogs fabulous. But alas. MarketingVox reports on the latest fool's errand, this time at Mazda:

"Mazda's new blog-cum-viral marketing effort proved to be pretty lame, and its failures reveal one of the dynamics limiting large advertisers in their exploitation of new forms of marketing. The campaign takes an old set of video 'viral' ads that never became very popular months ago and attempts to rejuvenate them by creating a fake blog to tout them. Compounding the first failure (not understanding that a viral ad isn't just a :30 -- perhaps with a dirty joke or a flash of skin -- that gets streamed onto the internet) Mazda committed the same mistake with the blog."

Other highly questionable attempts include the Sparkle Body Spray Blog, where "the Secret Girls get real," and the Juicy Fruit Blog, a site that TechCrunch calls a "train wreck."


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