26 September 2005

Viewers v. Agencies: The New Participation-Creation Movement

I caught up my AdRants reading today, and scanning a week's-worth of posts over lunch makes all this viewer-created ad creative business seem like a trend:

AdCandy, "an exchange for people who think they have great ad ideas and marketers who think consumer-created ads are worthy of buying," AdRants.

Picture Marketing "enables marketers and event organizers to take pictures of people at sponsored events, trade shows, and retail locations. The online service then combines those photos together with survey information supplied by each person, to build a mini-advertising campaign around each individual's photo," AdRants.

Family Guy launches Stewie Live, a re-make of the Subservient Chicken interact-o-ad, AdRants.

All of this on top of last week's news on the Golden Geiko campaign (which is running on FM-partner site Boing Boing).


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