04 October 2005

ClickZ on Federated Media

Zackary Rodgers in ClickZ compares Federated Media (my employer) with Philip Kaplan's AdBrite -- and talks about our common threat, Google.

"Battelle's Federated Media Publishing is sophisticated, services-driven and built for the A-list (to use a dirty word). We're talking BoingBoing and Om Malik. Very CPM.....

"Battelle's FMP is also about giving control to publishers, but the deals are one-off and the sites are cream of the crop. The list of bloggers he's working with -- whom he calls 'authors' -- reads like a roll call of the best and brightest in online tech and tech-influenced culture. They include BoingBoing,, Om Malik, and Matt Haughey-run sites Metafilter and PVRblog....

"'[Google's new site-specific ad model is] kind of a mash-up of Pud's and my idea,' said Battelle, referring to Google's tests. 'I think that's fine, and I think that keeps us honest, and I look forward to proving that the relationship that we create is more valuable. I don't take anything they might do lightly, believe me. I'm sure that if their ads perform better for all parties concerned than ours, people will use them. We'll see.'"

At least it was Pud and not Battelle who used the phrase "douche-baggy"!


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