09 December 2005

Podcasters Dawn & Drew Quit Day Jobs

According to The San Jose Merc, Drew Domkus is making enough money from ads in "The Dawn & Drew Show" that he quit his job. Congrats, Drew! I hope there will be more where that came from. The gang at "Mommycast" is also putting up big numbers:

"Virginia moms Paige Heniger and Gretchen Vogelzang began 'Mommycast' -- a show about the joys and travails of motherhood -- in March. The pair has quickly become podcasting stars, drawing hundreds of thousands of listeners a month and appearing on national news shows."

"In November, the duo announced what is perhaps the most lucrative podcasting marketing deal to date -- a 12-month sponsorship agreement with Dixie paper products, worth more than $100,000."


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