03 January 2006

More Unexpected Blog-Advertising Benefits

GapingVoid's Hugh McLeod (via AdRants) talks about brand goodness that isn't measured in effective CPC or PR chatter among bloggers: "what Macleod calls The Porous Membrane, the wall between internal brand conversations and external consumer conversations."

"The simple fact that the wine [being advertised] was out there and was being blogged about became part of the story telling sales process. As the sales force went out to supermarket buyers and importers, there was a new, different and exciting story to tell. Additionally, a retail outlet is far more likely to take on an increased inventory if it knows the product is getting talked about. The mindset is that if they're talking, they're more likely to buy."

I couldn't agree more with Steve's description of blog marketing done right:

"A big budget brand campaign is a briefly-worded, single-messaged megaphone approach. Not much can be forced through that megaphone and what is forced through is often misinterpreted. A blogging campaign throws the megaphone on the floor and picks up the martini glass creating a cocktail party at which people talk to people normally in a language unencumbered by pointless brand blather."


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