13 February 2006

New York Mag on A-List Bloggers

New York Magazine (Blogs to Riches) explores why the top blogs tend to remain the top blogs -- the "power-law distribution" phenomenon brought to the web. "Internet studies have found that inbound links are an 80 percent-accurate predictor of traffic. The more links point to you, the more readers you have." Or, at least, the more links that point to you, the more publishers and bloggers trust what you have to say (see ChasNote 8/3/05).

But take your eye off the ball (or stop publishing new content for a few days) and those inbound links start to dry up, say three Top 100 bloggers, Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Peter Rojas (Engadget) and FM's own John Battelle (Searchblog).

Other noteworthy excerpts:

"Gawker even claims to turn away advertisers that are too low-rent; the site's ad manager boasted to Mediaweek that it takes no Ford or Chevy ads because 'we hate American cars' and no pharmaceutical ads because 'our readers are healthy and beautiful.'"

"As [NYU instructor Clay] Shirky puts it, 'The Boing Boing thing is, they have more readers than Wired and yet they have a part-time staff of five. That's the new math.'"

For the record: GM has been running ads lately on Boing Boing (an FM partner site), and we'd be happy to take ads from Ford or Chevy!


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