15 February 2006

Yo, Corporate Bloggers: The Unvarnished Truth Is Gonna Leak

Reading FT's interview with Bill Gates (I read it at Searchblog), the topic is China. But when Gates says,
"The internet overwhelmingly makes information available. It is not possible to block information, it is just not. You can make it so that the average person who just clicks on popular websites, with no extra effort, certain things don’t show up there. But in terms of actually blocking information…"

which is great advice for corporate bloggers. What's the point in spinning & hyping when a dozen credible alternative sources of information are listed on the same search results page?

Today's MediaPost talks about the benefits reaped by corporations who let their staff bloggers speak (at least some portion of) their mind:
"Pete Blackshaw chief marketing officer at buzz-monitoring firm Intelliseek, said that [Microsoft blogger Robert] Scoble likely has the authority to be quite controversial, given how helpful he's been to the company's PR efforts. 'Robert Scoble is a one-man counterpoint to the argument that Microsoft is a close-minded, evil company,' he said. 'Even if you believe he crossed the line on this, he's still such a net positive for Microsoft.'"

Well said.


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