02 March 2006

Are We Really Tuning Out the Ads?

One ad campaign on Boing Boing right now (using 125x125 GIF creative) is hovering around a 1% click-through rate. That's is between 10 and 20 TIMES the average CTR for advertisers in that position, and, according to some media-buyer friends, perhaps 20 to 100x the industry average.

So it got me thinking: If we're all as good at tuning out ads as we say we are, how could one advertiser see such vastly superior click-through results? Sure, this campaign features attractive, scantily-clad female models, but how would we know that?

I wonder if ad banners are making an impression after all.


  • Great topic. Confusing post. It's hard to evaluate without seeing the ad and knowing where the placement is. It's not a banner, yet you mention banners at the end?

    I'm actually not trying to give you a hard time but to learn something from this and it's not quite enough to learn from. Except, sex sells. That's old news.

    By the way, I appreciate your rare posts. I wish you wrote more.

    PS - This is Clyde at I'm logging in via a blogger account that doesn't represent what I do now because that's my only option.

    By Blogger Clyde, at 2:57 PM  

  • Yes, sex sells. The point I wanted to make is this: If nobody looks at ads or they tune them out (ie, there's no value to an impression, only a click) -- how would they know that one ad features a sexy model and another one does not?

    By Blogger Chas Edwards, at 11:31 AM  

  • Maybe because the sexy model ad positions itself in the viewer's mind, a la Ries and Trout.

    By Blogger Clyde, at 12:28 AM  

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