18 March 2006

Battelle in Forbes: "High-Quality Blogs and High-Quality Audiences Engaged in Talking"

Yesterday in Forbes, Battelle answers questions on what makes our little company, FM, special:
"I believe very strongly that we've seen an evolution of online media, and that authorial voices are breaking out and should be supported. There is a new model emerging where the author is in charge, and it's our model to support them. I'm not going to wave my hands and say 'old media is dead,' not at all; I'm just saying that there is another model that is evolving where the head of the spear are high-quality blogs and high-quality audiences engaged in talking."


  • That's a great little interview. Battelle's so sharp. But Forbes' title and that introduction are totally not smart.

    Again, this is Clyde at wishing you'd get a better login in system for comments.

    By Blogger Clyde, at 12:00 AM  

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