31 March 2006

FM Now Accepts Payment in Linden Dollars

It was a big week for Linden Lab, makers of the wildly popular virtual-reality game Second Life. First, they closed an $11 million financing round from Globespan Partners, Jeff Bezos, Mitch Kapor and Omidyar. (Disclosure: Kapor and Omidyar are investors in FM too.) I first saw the news at Fred Wilson's site. Second, in-world blogger (and recent addition to the FM family) Wagner James Au announced that FM's virtual ad-sales office opened for business in the Shipley district (New World Notes).

To put these events in context, FM's virtual office is on the brink of its first transaction, valued at L$13,500, with one of the leading in-world fashion designers. That other bit of Linden Lab news is worth more like L$3.3 billion. But it's pretty darn exciting -- to me anyway -- to consummate my first-ever advertising deal in a virtual currency used by denizens of an online nation (population: 165,000), a currency that converts into US dollars in FM's PayPal account.

Meanwhile, Battelle has yet to comment on virtual rooftop parties at our Second Life pad (here's a direct portal), but come by for a visit when you're next in Shipley!


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