21 April 2006

MediaPost on "Metablogs"

MediaPost columnist Mark Naples took a look at FM's "metaweblog" concept in today's edition.

"Federated Media is among the companies that have designed a solution that could perhaps remedy this for blogs and their advocates. Federated's metablogs offer value to three constituencies. One constituency value set is directed to the readers who want a human editor to sift through dozens of selected content sources online & to surface the essential articles each day. A second constituency value set is directed toward advertisers who want their brands associated with the leading online voices, all through one place buying opportunity. A third is directed toward the individual weblog authors, who get the opportunity to forge relationships with new readers.

I know that other blog aggregators have created similar systems. But Federated Media seems to have developed something that thinks it through more comprehensively from the buy side, the sell side, and the reader's side all at once."

Thanks for the plug, Mark!


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