12 April 2006

Nearly $50MM in "Social Media" Advertising in 2006

Research firm PQ Media is out with a report on ad spending in weblogs, podcasts, RSS and the rest of the "social media" platforms (from MediaPost). Is it me, or has MediaPost devised some annoying app that prevents cutting and pasting from their articles? In lieu of quoting the article.... PQ Media estimates 2006 spending will be $49.8MM, up from $20.4MM in 2005. Most of the 2005 spending -- $16.6MM -- was for advertising on blogs, which the report calls "the most mature of the user-generated online media segments."


  • Although I sometimes can't copy and paste certain pages, like my own typepad hosted blog, I can copy this article. The Internet's weird, you know?

    If I can't drag and copy, I usually try clicking on a chunk of text or title and I can often select and copy material that way.

    Clyde "full of mundane knowledge & workarounds" Smith

    By Blogger Clyde, at 11:49 AM  

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