07 April 2006

Only 700,000 Total Podcast Users?

Om cites a report by Forrester's Charlene Li (see Om Malik's Blog) that says podcast usage signifcantly lags podcast hype. In 2006, she predicts, about 700,000 households will regularly download and listen to podcasts.

While I certainly won't argue that the hype isn't outpacing the downloads, Li's figure on regular podcast users can't be right. Diggnation, the weekly program hosted by Kevin Rose and the gang from, is downloaded 150,000 times a week. Amanda Congdon's Rocketboom has 150,000 viewers on a bad day.

Assuming it's the exact same people who watch every new episode of these programs (which would be a miraculous story of unprececented audience loyalty), that says 2 podcasts alone represent 43% of of total podcast usage in the world. Throw in The Dawn and Drew Show, and you're getting pretty close to Li's grand total users! I've got to believe there's a few more out there.


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