10 May 2006

Searchblog Readers on AdWords & AdSense

Battelle posted news (Searchblog) that, earlier this week, he launched his first AdWords / AdSense program promoting a real service, FM's new media planning interface. Perhaps it's no surprise, his readers lit up the comments line. What did surprise me is how much his readers -- the gurus and wizards of the search marketing world -- still DON'T know about how Google's ad programs work:

"I have wondered for a long time why Google doesn't provide more transparency with its click data. Your content click reporting issue occurs with site targeting as well. Not sure if they are consciously hiding the information from advertisers or just don't have the tech to push this data out."

The person who wrote that comment did put a winking emoticon after that last line. Of course Google "has the tech" to push out that data; they apparently don't want to.


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