03 May 2006

Stuart Elliott: myAdvertising

Disclosure: From 1999 to 2001 I worked at a company called mySimon, and in 2002 I spent an all-day offsite talking about "Tech & You" as a possible tagline for some parts of CNET, so I'm hardly impartial on the topic of all this myWhatever in ad campaigns these days. Silliness aside, it's a nod in the right direction -- toward conversational marketing.

Allen Adamson, managing director at Landor, as quoted in Stuart Elliott's column (NY Times, reg req), sums up the good and the bad:

"'Having it your way applies increasingly to all brands,' Mr. Adamson said, referring to the longtime campaign theme for Burger King, which has recently been revived. 'It's only natural that advertisers try to flag that they are more about serving up your brand on your terms."' But the trend carries a big risk, Mr. Adamson warned. 'The demand for customization and personalization is a moving target....If you're unable to deliver, if what you offer is really no different from everybody else, the claims will do more damage than good.'"


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